“The Pocket Love Story” by Ajitabha Bose

The Pocket Love Story

Ajitabha Bose might claim it is his story. Well I say it is not because I too can relate to it and I am sure many others who read this pocket novel will definitely agree with me, thus it is our story!

Ajitabha Bose has very economically managed to explore into writing a story that seemingly was an experience of his own in Delhi.

The book though is making vibes for being the smallest book ever published it has its own drawbacks to consider. The story is good in its essence but fails to dive deep into the reader as the selection of words at certain places is out of place. Nevertheless Ajitabha Bose has with his intrinsic quality used literary techniques like antithetical sentences, for instance; she was an angel and I was a beast.

The whole  novel is written in first person making it more personal for the reader. The story has just two characters; beasty Ramchandra Chauhan and beautiful Tani. There is no description of any place or situation except the description of the characters. Probably the author wanted to give the freedom to the reader to flaunt his or her imagination to any and every situation one can think of.

The author in certain cases also portrays sense of humor that keeps the readers glued throughout.

Literature in this pocket love story in a way is hampered but the novel doesn’t fail to give due meaning to words. The author is very careful to use words and certainly respects words as he uses it sparingly.

This book is for all those who do not have time to waste and a very little to relax. The novel relaxes you with its story and most specifically with its stupendous ending, just like it did to me. Obviously this is the smallest book I have ever read.


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