When practically everything is on a flux, we see media too taking a different route and the roles of journalists are now changing tremendously. What will survive the situation is the comprehension of these modern technologies, assisting journalists navigate their way through the new discoveries.

The effect of television today is huge and noxious. As every Indian has a television set in his/her home. Journalists face numerous allegations with regard to the nature of the content they produce. But we see no reason to accuse them, for they are just doing their duty of disseminating information. Journalists are not responsible for the natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, tsunamis or for inhumanity like terrorism, violence, corruption, crime and rape. S. R. Madhu in her article, ‘The rise and fall of television in India’ (The Hindu, 7th July 2015, p. 15) quoted her friend who felt depressed, even more disgusted by what she saw on television.

The points that we can agree upon would be the gravity of negativity portrayed in a news story presentation and the sensationalization of a story. Now, it all depends on how people understand the term ‘negativity’ because “Negativity is what makes news, journalists cannot be accused of that. But deliberately portraying negativity despite of positivity existing in the matter, is wrong on the part of the journalist” said Carol Andrade, Senior Journalist, Times of India. She further noted, “We can’t pretend as though there are no problems, and when there are problems they need to be exposed, after all NEWS is reflection of what is transpiring in the society.”

The number of journalists has hiked given the prominence of social networking sites. News is being generated by professional, freelance, or other amateur journalists. There is no need of joining a newspaper agency to contribute relevant news stories, you can, from wherever you are, post a news story on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, You tube, Google+, etc. but what has extensively happened is the murder of the ethics of journalism.

Journalists of all sorts have the right and duty to seek and report the truth, respect the people’s civil rights and to be independent and transparent, not favouring particular people and particular interests, most of all to be accountable. Regardless of numerous journalists striving to expose the truth, there are many who are in support of competition, in bid trading the wrong path.


Thus, the newspaper column I love most is “Erratica” which appears on ‘The Times of India’ Newspaper in ‘the times of ideas’ section. I love it because the editors of the paper convey the message to the readers by their sarcastic and remarkable presentation of their arguments. They make you laugh, at the same time they make you think. The column in my opinion uses a literary technique i.e. Entrapment. The sarcastic representation of ideas is what strikes a chord in a reader. Not that I expect newspaper stories to be of such kind, but what I desire is, the stories presented in the newspaper must be able to deliver the information required and make the reader to respond proactively to situations. Obviously, there is a wide range of difference between a news story and a feature story but both utilize the inverted pyramid style to formulate their stories. Well, what is important is how it is delivered to the majority audience. Thus “Erratica” will always be the column I love.

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  1. True.. bringing out day today issues in the form of satire seems to be a trend catching up. No doubt experienced editors and columnists do it well..
    However, at some point of time…there is an overdose of Satire – to such an extent, that the whole point of discussion is distorted.

    Interesting post for a WoW,


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