Upon giving a serious thought to the purpose of my life. I realized that I need to do something that I love most. So at first I decided to decipher what I love. After a serious search for more than a month during the beginning of the year 2015, I conceived myself as a writer. I wrote poems, short stories and so on, occasionally but never decided to carry it further as a career.


In my personal sharing with an experienced Priest I remember that he had told me to take the first step and initiate what I wanted to be. He had also suggested that there will be no one who will be interested to see me become someone, as all are interested with their own cares and chores of daily living. I remember him saying, “Discover your talent and start doing something in that line…..”

Giving a thought to that proposal has brought me to what I am today. I cannot say that I have been successful but I can say that I am growing in the line that I was interested in. This year therefore has explored a lot of energy that I possessed with regard to a career in writing.

I started it all with an internship with one of the leading newspapers and later went for a journalism course with the St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education (SPICE), Bandra Mumbai. I came in contact with many intelligent and active personnel in the similar line. Obviously I aimed at becoming someone like them. The assignments that were given to me by the newspaper agency and the exercises at SPICE helped me to think and flaunt my ideas to different ways of writing.

Today, I write not just poems, short stories, and articles for different magazines but also write profile features for newspapers. Freelancing has given me a delight that I treasure, as I study I write stories that affect me. I dabble with study and freelancing together and it just happens.

I have occasionally worded Letters to the editor expressing my concern on different impending issues. It was Professor Devaraj who asked me to give a try at reviewing books and I noticed that I did that well too. My book review write ups were also featured by publishing agencies as and when they did the promotion of their books.

This year has brought a lot of revelation to my life. I was revealed of the malady of the progress of my life. I was awakened from a slumber where I knew I could rise but didn’t make effort to open up to changes. Now I am happy that I have changed for the better though I know it is not perfect, but there is no one who is perfect. Therefore we always work towards perfection.

There were occasions when I felt bitter and distressed when a publishing agency ditched me by taking my concept and not giving an area to make a special mention of me so much so that they didn’t take even my write up I had submitted. It did hurt my sentiments but it also taught me to be discrete the next time I share my concepts.

The year has been splendid teaching me how to live my life better.

Though, nothing is determined.

Though everything around is uncertainty.

Though I write to become a writer,

Knowing not, whether that’s the plan of God for me.

But I do it all with Love.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.



  1. Anthony Benjamin Paul

    Yup really good ..Carlos articals are aswesome by your writings …..bloom the world like a flower,shine the individual as a star, let the ladder of your dreams grow higher n higher……


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