Business In The Train

Hindu devotees travel in an overcrowded passenger train after taking a holy dip and offering prayers in the waters of Brahma Sarovar, a sacred pond, during a solar eclipse in the northern Indian city of Kurukshetra July 22, 2009. Thousands of people gathered for a dip in the Ganges and other water bodies, an act considered as leading to salvation from the cycle of life and death. A total solar eclipse on Wednesday swept across a narrow swathe of Asia, where hundreds of millions of people watched the skies darken, though in some places thick summer clouds blocked the sun.  REUTERS/Ajay Verma (INDIA RELIGION SOCIETY ENVIRONMENT IMAGES OF THE DAY) - RTR25WWP

I am in “Jaipur Express” train moving to Ujjain for some academic purpose. At the outset what I want to mention here is, I was the only passenger on ‘Waiting List’ but seating calmly on someone else’s seat, who freely gave, sometimes luck favours you and you do not know why? I had presupposed my journey will be damn boring and it was, but with lot of things getting clear in my mind. I leave that aside to be dealt later.

Let me narrate how I spent my time amidst “bhel bhel bhel puri, garam garam samose, cool drinks……” and the chatter of a family travelling to Jaipur. At first, I was tensed as well about the booking of my return ticket so as to get back as early as possible. Sometimes insecurity puts you in great dilemma.

An old man sat with me in the side berth returning perhaps from a nuptial celebration. He was a gentleman; he initiated a talk and broke up the ice between us. He asked me few details about my journey onward and about my whereabouts. I was rather glad to share with him. At last I had someone to break my silence atleast for some time. We would get into some limited chatter after the longest pauses I have ever actually experienced. (Chatter, the longest pause, chatter, the longest pause)


These TC’s uff! I had the privilege of meeting at least 3 TC’s, expressing their concern for me but none doing any favor. I attempted to sleep but after every 10-15 minutes I was woken by the jerks and the uncertainties of the train.

Oh what a night, the man whose seat I was occupying didn’t turn up and I had a very blessed night. This morning as I woke up, it brought a lot of surprises and many things to learn.

Well I forgot to tell you that the Old man waved a goodbye at Guntakal station and then I had the privilege of getting in touch with two hefty gym working man one was Raj, who was quite free and approachable. The other, I didn’t mind to ask his name, as silent he was.

Well, in the morning at a station, 3 women got in, thin, wearing sari; they sold dough moulder etc. and a handicapped man and his son. This little boy went about asking for money, he said he needed it to pay the fees at school. Well in that way, the train became an occasion for every business.

“Veg cutlet, samosa, bread omlet puff, masale wali chai, coffee…….” and amidst these a diseased man asking for financial assistance. I shouldn’t forget there were a few Eunuchs too who made my journey entertaining. The moment you hear those forced claps you know that they are there. “baig baig….” oh that’s what the woman said, she was selling bags obviously. She sold a bag for 50 Rupees and later when someone asked for a very fancy bag she quoted 280 Rupees. And when she noticed the man’s interested to purchase she bargained it for 80 Rupees isn’t that a business par excellence.

What I learnt from this journey?

I learnt to hone the talents I have and therefore I could pen down such a lot. I learnt that we live amidst all those whom we know, amidst all those whom we love and hate too and now I had to live amidst strangers. But every minute of the hour had something different to teach.

Hey my neighbor is playing Temple run catch you later okay.

paper, paper, taaza khabar le lo paper, shaam ki taaza khabar chenai mein attankvadi ne rakh diya bomb aur Delhi mein Kejriwal nei maardiya jhaadu..

My journey is almost coming to an end but the train is not ending its stories. I came across masale waale chana bechnewala, locket, key chain paper soap, daal vadaa bechnewala, etc. all busy in their own business and myself my own.

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