Rebuilding the Nation: An Evolutionary Insight by Sayan Dey

Book Title: Rebuilding The Nation: An Evolutionary Approach

Author: Sayan Dey

Publisher: Airawat Publishing House, Mumbai



The book speaks looks forward to address the development of nation India by bridging the gap between traditionalism and modernity which the nation has been struggling since ages. Modernism is not all about European constructs which should be blindly imitated but rather the very indigenous traditional notions should be re-addressed and re-contextualized from the contemporary context.Enough has been travelled from west to east it is time for the opposite.

VERDICT: Sayan Dey is nonetheless like any youth wanting to make a difference in the corrupt nation. He mercilessly portrays his ire on different ideologies persisting and calls for an optimistic change.

REVIEW: The book is pretty good to read more so for the youth as it is written in a youthful spirit. It would certainly raise spirits so as to make a positive contribution unlike the dominating ideologies of the past and the present. He is aggressive in the portrayal. Well, the cover of the book doesn’t show that.   

DRAWBACK: The book contains some factual errors, grammatical and typographical errors which can definitely be edited.

Hats off to Sayan Dey for making a pure distinctive effort to make a difference in this disturbed intolerant nation.



Sayan Dey is a research scholar from Department of English, Vasanta College for Women, Rajghat which is affiliated to Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi in India. Since his childhood he has been active on stage and his love for theatre finally culminated into his research on Marathi Theatre.

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