Ready Steady Go by Deepak Mehra


Book Title: Ready Steady Go 

Author: Deepak Mehra

Publisher: Jaico Books

Price: Rs. 250/-


Schools and colleges do not prepare us for the real world.

Worse still, they often create blind spots that hold us back in the corporate world. As a result, many intelligent, dedicated and hardworking professionals stagnate in their careers.

Unleash your potential with Ready, Steady, Go!
Analyze the root cause of career-related issues and learn 59 high-octane rules for personal success, including:

  • Be Sociable, Not Social
  • Passion Is Out of Fashion
  • Think Like a Golfer
  • Get The Boss Equation Right … and much, much more!


Fast-track your career – whether you have just started out or have years of experience under your belt. So Ready, Steady, Go!


Precise and to the point, the author has targeted the essence of career selection to the point of its nurturing and sustenance. Success would simply rest at your door!


The cover of the book is self explanatory, giving a glimpse of what is there in the book. The language is wonderful and easy to read keeping one glued to the serious subject dealt in. The author has wonderfully expressed the true reality and mentioned how one can be successful in one’s career.

Career making and breaking is solely dependent on oneself but one needs to be guided however intelligent one is. Today’s education definitely helps us to scale heights but the experience one needs to handle varied situations is what one requires and that is what is explicitly shown by Deepak Mehra in his wonderful book.

The book is quite explanatory in nature and fantastic to read. although i wonder how it could be beneficial to the not well-to-do individuals. The price of the book is fixed quite high which seems it is targeted at only the elite group. Nevertheless the book is doing a wonderful job in revealing certain pearls of wisdom.



Deepak Mehra, an IIT (BHU) alumnus, secured his management degree from IMT Ghaziabad and followed this with an illustrious banking career. Throughout his professional life, he has been involved in developing, coaching and leading teams of high-calibre young professionals in truly multi-cultural environments.


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