We were all seating in our dining hall waiting for his arrival it was about 10:30 p.m. He was out along with his friends to complete decorations for a late night function. He usually completes it by 9:30 p.m. and returns home by 9:45 p.m. given the speed he drives the bike. But what had gone wrong on that day 2nd October, 2015?


He usually loves black colour and he had worn black on that day when he was out for decorations. It seems he finished his decorations but was amazed by an incident that luckily happened infront of his eyes. That he left the spot immediately and went on a drive the whole night.

Though talented he never missed an opportunity to ask his friends, teachers and experts an advice on anything that he wanted to do. And that night was for those people who were beside him guiding him all along his path, whether good or bad.

He narrates, “I met a girl who thanked God for the gift of us, as we helped decorate her house for the function, whereas i never did it. No doubt I was humble enough to ask people for help but never expressed my gratitude towards God for them.”

Isn’t it truly disturbing? He narrated further, “I thanked God for the gift of my lovely parents who brought me into this world and nurtured me from day one till date. They showed me the day and they showed me the glorious beauty of this beautiful night,” he remained silent for moment and looked at me and knew he had thanked God for the gift of God for me, after all I was his only younger brother. But I asked him, “Carlos Bhai, but why did you go for a drive instead you could well do it at the church?” he replied affirmatively, “I love driving in the night it makes me forget all my worries and relaxes my mind. It is better to thank God when we are free from all nasty and disturbing thoughts. In other words I wanted to do my thanking more concretely better.” It was already 1:00 a.m. the next day therefore I ate a little bit and went to sleep. But upon waking up I asked my mom, “Mom, today can I go for a drive in the night so that I can thank God for you?” She was happy that I wanted to thank God for the beautiful gift of parents but not a drive in the night. So as she usually did she ran after me with a ladle to knock it on my lovely head.

But my brothers driving in the night brought me from night to light. I learned to thank God for the gift of everything I receive.

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Business In The Train

Hindu devotees travel in an overcrowded passenger train after taking a holy dip and offering prayers in the waters of Brahma Sarovar, a sacred pond, during a solar eclipse in the northern Indian city of Kurukshetra July 22, 2009. Thousands of people gathered for a dip in the Ganges and other water bodies, an act considered as leading to salvation from the cycle of life and death. A total solar eclipse on Wednesday swept across a narrow swathe of Asia, where hundreds of millions of people watched the skies darken, though in some places thick summer clouds blocked the sun.  REUTERS/Ajay Verma (INDIA RELIGION SOCIETY ENVIRONMENT IMAGES OF THE DAY) - RTR25WWP

I am in “Jaipur Express” train moving to Ujjain for some academic purpose. At the outset what I want to mention here is, I was the only passenger on ‘Waiting List’ but seating calmly on someone else’s seat, who freely gave, sometimes luck favours you and you do not know why? I had presupposed my journey will be damn boring and it was, but with lot of things getting clear in my mind. I leave that aside to be dealt later.

Let me narrate how I spent my time amidst “bhel bhel bhel puri, garam garam samose, cool drinks……” and the chatter of a family travelling to Jaipur. At first, I was tensed as well about the booking of my return ticket so as to get back as early as possible. Sometimes insecurity puts you in great dilemma.

An old man sat with me in the side berth returning perhaps from a nuptial celebration. He was a gentleman; he initiated a talk and broke up the ice between us. He asked me few details about my journey onward and about my whereabouts. I was rather glad to share with him. At last I had someone to break my silence atleast for some time. We would get into some limited chatter after the longest pauses I have ever actually experienced. (Chatter, the longest pause, chatter, the longest pause)


These TC’s uff! I had the privilege of meeting at least 3 TC’s, expressing their concern for me but none doing any favor. I attempted to sleep but after every 10-15 minutes I was woken by the jerks and the uncertainties of the train.

Oh what a night, the man whose seat I was occupying didn’t turn up and I had a very blessed night. This morning as I woke up, it brought a lot of surprises and many things to learn.

Well I forgot to tell you that the Old man waved a goodbye at Guntakal station and then I had the privilege of getting in touch with two hefty gym working man one was Raj, who was quite free and approachable. The other, I didn’t mind to ask his name, as silent he was.

Well, in the morning at a station, 3 women got in, thin, wearing sari; they sold dough moulder etc. and a handicapped man and his son. This little boy went about asking for money, he said he needed it to pay the fees at school. Well in that way, the train became an occasion for every business.

“Veg cutlet, samosa, bread omlet puff, masale wali chai, coffee…….” and amidst these a diseased man asking for financial assistance. I shouldn’t forget there were a few Eunuchs too who made my journey entertaining. The moment you hear those forced claps you know that they are there. “baig baig….” oh that’s what the woman said, she was selling bags obviously. She sold a bag for 50 Rupees and later when someone asked for a very fancy bag she quoted 280 Rupees. And when she noticed the man’s interested to purchase she bargained it for 80 Rupees isn’t that a business par excellence.

What I learnt from this journey?

I learnt to hone the talents I have and therefore I could pen down such a lot. I learnt that we live amidst all those whom we know, amidst all those whom we love and hate too and now I had to live amidst strangers. But every minute of the hour had something different to teach.

Hey my neighbor is playing Temple run catch you later okay.

paper, paper, taaza khabar le lo paper, shaam ki taaza khabar chenai mein attankvadi ne rakh diya bomb aur Delhi mein Kejriwal nei maardiya jhaadu..

My journey is almost coming to an end but the train is not ending its stories. I came across masale waale chana bechnewala, locket, key chain paper soap, daal vadaa bechnewala, etc. all busy in their own business and myself my own.


Upon giving a serious thought to the purpose of my life. I realized that I need to do something that I love most. So at first I decided to decipher what I love. After a serious search for more than a month during the beginning of the year 2015, I conceived myself as a writer. I wrote poems, short stories and so on, occasionally but never decided to carry it further as a career.


In my personal sharing with an experienced Priest I remember that he had told me to take the first step and initiate what I wanted to be. He had also suggested that there will be no one who will be interested to see me become someone, as all are interested with their own cares and chores of daily living. I remember him saying, “Discover your talent and start doing something in that line…..”

Giving a thought to that proposal has brought me to what I am today. I cannot say that I have been successful but I can say that I am growing in the line that I was interested in. This year therefore has explored a lot of energy that I possessed with regard to a career in writing.

I started it all with an internship with one of the leading newspapers and later went for a journalism course with the St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education (SPICE), Bandra Mumbai. I came in contact with many intelligent and active personnel in the similar line. Obviously I aimed at becoming someone like them. The assignments that were given to me by the newspaper agency and the exercises at SPICE helped me to think and flaunt my ideas to different ways of writing.

Today, I write not just poems, short stories, and articles for different magazines but also write profile features for newspapers. Freelancing has given me a delight that I treasure, as I study I write stories that affect me. I dabble with study and freelancing together and it just happens.

I have occasionally worded Letters to the editor expressing my concern on different impending issues. It was Professor Devaraj who asked me to give a try at reviewing books and I noticed that I did that well too. My book review write ups were also featured by publishing agencies as and when they did the promotion of their books.

This year has brought a lot of revelation to my life. I was revealed of the malady of the progress of my life. I was awakened from a slumber where I knew I could rise but didn’t make effort to open up to changes. Now I am happy that I have changed for the better though I know it is not perfect, but there is no one who is perfect. Therefore we always work towards perfection.

There were occasions when I felt bitter and distressed when a publishing agency ditched me by taking my concept and not giving an area to make a special mention of me so much so that they didn’t take even my write up I had submitted. It did hurt my sentiments but it also taught me to be discrete the next time I share my concepts.

The year has been splendid teaching me how to live my life better.

Though, nothing is determined.

Though everything around is uncertainty.

Though I write to become a writer,

Knowing not, whether that’s the plan of God for me.

But I do it all with Love.

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When practically everything is on a flux, we see media too taking a different route and the roles of journalists are now changing tremendously. What will survive the situation is the comprehension of these modern technologies, assisting journalists navigate their way through the new discoveries.

The effect of television today is huge and noxious. As every Indian has a television set in his/her home. Journalists face numerous allegations with regard to the nature of the content they produce. But we see no reason to accuse them, for they are just doing their duty of disseminating information. Journalists are not responsible for the natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, tsunamis or for inhumanity like terrorism, violence, corruption, crime and rape. S. R. Madhu in her article, ‘The rise and fall of television in India’ (The Hindu, 7th July 2015, p. 15) quoted her friend who felt depressed, even more disgusted by what she saw on television.

The points that we can agree upon would be the gravity of negativity portrayed in a news story presentation and the sensationalization of a story. Now, it all depends on how people understand the term ‘negativity’ because “Negativity is what makes news, journalists cannot be accused of that. But deliberately portraying negativity despite of positivity existing in the matter, is wrong on the part of the journalist” said Carol Andrade, Senior Journalist, Times of India. She further noted, “We can’t pretend as though there are no problems, and when there are problems they need to be exposed, after all NEWS is reflection of what is transpiring in the society.”

The number of journalists has hiked given the prominence of social networking sites. News is being generated by professional, freelance, or other amateur journalists. There is no need of joining a newspaper agency to contribute relevant news stories, you can, from wherever you are, post a news story on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, You tube, Google+, etc. but what has extensively happened is the murder of the ethics of journalism.

Journalists of all sorts have the right and duty to seek and report the truth, respect the people’s civil rights and to be independent and transparent, not favouring particular people and particular interests, most of all to be accountable. Regardless of numerous journalists striving to expose the truth, there are many who are in support of competition, in bid trading the wrong path.


Thus, the newspaper column I love most is “Erratica” which appears on ‘The Times of India’ Newspaper in ‘the times of ideas’ section. I love it because the editors of the paper convey the message to the readers by their sarcastic and remarkable presentation of their arguments. They make you laugh, at the same time they make you think. The column in my opinion uses a literary technique i.e. Entrapment. The sarcastic representation of ideas is what strikes a chord in a reader. Not that I expect newspaper stories to be of such kind, but what I desire is, the stories presented in the newspaper must be able to deliver the information required and make the reader to respond proactively to situations. Obviously, there is a wide range of difference between a news story and a feature story but both utilize the inverted pyramid style to formulate their stories. Well, what is important is how it is delivered to the majority audience. Thus “Erratica” will always be the column I love.

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